Jehan Sparks, Ph.D.

Jehan Sparks is a behavioral scientist who studies judgment and decision making and well-being.


Her primary line of research investigates how people get "stuck" in certain ways of thinking—like a negative (vs. positive) frame or a thought of what could have been worse (vs. better)—and the contextual factors that enable people to get unstuck and think more flexibly. She also studies whether people have insight into what positive and negative means to them (i.e., what they like and dislike) in the context of interpersonal relationships.

Jehan’s research uses online and laboratory experiments to understand positive and negative thinking. This work intersects with research on motivation, framing, counterfactual thinking, and ambivalence, and it is intended to advance our understanding of positive and negative information while having implications for the types of real-world challenges people face every day as they think about who to vote for, what to buy, and who to date.

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